A great view – with offices at the Seedamm-Center in Pfäffikon SZ

Enjoy a high level of visibility at your new company headquarters in the Geschäftshaus Seedamm-Center – with sweeping views of the Obersee (Upper Lake Zurich) with the Swiss Alps. Directly adjacent to the Seedamm-Center Mall, this ultra-modern office building offers approx. 4,000 m2 (44,000 square feet) of office space on six above-ground floors and 1,800 m2 (20,000 square feet) of storage space on two basement floors. Show your company at its best: posting your company’s name opposite the busy A3 motorway makes a clear statement.

Disclaimer: The images on these pages illustrate one of many possible office configurations. No claims or benefits can be derived based on these images.

Sustainability and Comfort

The Geschäftshaus Seedamm-Center fully meets Minergie® (Swiss sustainable energy standard) requirements. By placing your company in a sustainable office environment, you benefit from low maintenance costs and employees enjoy an excellent workplace climate. The unique heating/cooling system (no heat loss/gain; connected to the district heating grid) is both energy efficient and features low CO2 rates. Thanks to the large windows, the office areas are bright with natural light. The Geschäftshaus Seedamm-Center delivers on comfort.

Office rental space in Pfäffikon SZ: Starting at CHF 295/m2

With space available now, the Geschäftshaus Seedamm-Center offers office space (from 298 m2/3,300-square feet to 529 m2/5,820-square feet) for a wide variety of uses – at a surprisingly affordable office rental rate starting at CHF 295/m2/year. Most configurations – from whole floors to partial sections – can be accommodated. Storage areas are also available from CHF 125/m2/year.

Whether office, showroom, or classrooms – the Geschäftshaus Seedamm-Center can accommodate almost any need. Bright open spaces extend from the ground floor to the top floor. Floor plans are flexible and can be freely configured. Storage areas and an underground garage parking complete the offer.

Total area
Ground floor
269.20 m2
255.70 m2
2nd floor
261.20 m2
273.30 m2
3rd floor
261.20 m2
273.30 m2
4th floor
261.20 m2
273.30 m2
5th floor
261.20 m2
273.30 m2
6th floor
261.20 m2
273.30 m2
1st basement floor
63.14 m2
86.14 m2
49.20 m2
332.51 m2
22.08 m2
130.44 m2
2nd basement floor
495.20 m2
160.10 m2
337.74 m2
68.40 m2
73.85 m2
4rd-5th basement floors
Availability on request


UPPER FLOORS 2nd – 6th floors

BASEMENT – 1st floor

BASEMENT – 2nd floor

BASEMENT – 4rd–5th floors

PDF floor layouts

Basic interior configuration for office areas

The office areas are  initially provided in an ‘extended basic configuration’ and have a unique finish and quality.

The ‘extended basic configuration’ includes:

  • Floors: outfitted with hollow floors, without finished flooring
  • Walls: painted white
  • Ceilings: outfitted with ceiling AC/Heating system (no heat gain or loss)
  • Electrical room: on each floor for servers and cabling
  • Shower rooms: gender-specific showers with changing rooms in the basement
  • Restrooms: Spacious WC facilities on each floor
  • Kitchenette connections available
  • Outdoor seating areas available
  • Fiber optic connections throughout
  • Ceiling height: >3 m (10-feet)
  • High voltage electrical system in the basement
  • 12 visitor parking spaces by the building entryway
  • Bicycle parking: Spaces and charging stations available in the parking garage
  • Fully ventilated storage areas
  • Elevator capacity: 500 kilos/m2 (ground floor to basement)
  • Elevator capacity: 300 kilos/m2 (from 2nd to 6th floors)
  • Freight elevation load capacity: 2 kT
  • Delivery area suitable for trucks
  • Parking garage: 132 available spaces with EV charging stations (to rent)


Pfäffikon, in the canton of Schwyz, is part of the Zurich metropolitan area. The municipality is well-situated for business – giving your company a key competitive advantage. The Geschäftshaus Seedamm-Center is located close to national and European transport routes – ideal for both Swiss and international corporations and logistics firms.


Travel times* from Pfäffikon to:By car Public transportation
Zurich Main Station32 min.33 min.
Zurich Airport 40 min.56 min.
Basel 1 hour 24 min.1 hour 39 min.
Munich, Germany3 hrs 18 min5 hrs 12 min
Milan, Italy3 hrs 25 min3 Std. 53 min
* Source: Google Maps

Employee Benefit: Next door to the Seedamm-Center Mall

The attractive location between Lake Zurich and the A3 motorway is convenient for customers and employees alike. An added benefit for your employees is the adjacent Seedamm-Center Mall – with shopping, sports, and leisure facilities on your doorstep.

The Seedamm-Center Mall features 48 shops, a shopper’s paradise and a place to relax after a long day's work with a leisurely dinner. Here and in the immediate vicinity you will also find:

  • 48 shops at the Seedamm-Center
  • Dozens of restaurants
  • Vögele Cultural Center
  • Numerous other services close by
  • Alpamare Water Park
  • Seebadi Pfäffikon (public access)
  • Multiple gyms and personal training options
  • Hotel Seedamm Plaza with Wellness Center and Casino
  • Recreation area: Jogging, biking and water sports nearby

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